Support to The Albanian Ministry of European Integration SMEI II

About the project

Achieving Adequate Progress in the EU Integration Process of the Albanian Government Based on a Long Term Strategy Before Accession.

Support to the European Union Integration Process (phase III, SMEI 3) is a technical assistance project dealing with the horizontal issues of management of European integration in Albania.

While to some degree covering all horizontal European integration management functions in Albania, SMEI 3 technical assistance project especially supports strengthening of legal approximation, capacity building via training and improvement of institutional and inter-institutional management of European integration demands and last but not least public information about European integration. These issues form also the building blocks (components) of SMEI 3 project, according to which four results to be achieved were formulated in the terms of reference.

The SMEI 3 project is financed under IPA 2010 National Programme for Albania and is implemented by a consortium led by Fineurop Support (Italy), in association with College of Europe (Belgium), East West Consulting (Belgium), Eurecna (Italy). A contract with the European Union delegation was signed on 23 December 2011. The project has started its activities on 30 January 2012. The inception phase ended on the 9th of March, and the draft inception report was submitted on the 23rd of March for discussion at the project Steering Committee meeting on the 3rd April, 2012. This version of the report takes into account the comments and suggestions made during that meeting.

During the inception phase, 30 people were consulted about the activities envisioned by SMEI 3, and 20 activities were planned to achieve the four prescribed results. Some readjustments were proposed for deployment of resources, as well as to the scope of assistance and indicators of achievement to be monitored. During the inception phase, the project’s office was set up, and first assistance was delivered to the Ministry of European Integration.

Project Organisation

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