Support to The Albanian Ministry of European Integration SMEI II


Component 1 – Transposition and implementation of EU legislation in Albania

One of the greatest difficulties in regard to the law approximation effort is the fact that the EU acquis is constantly evolving and changing as a result of new initiatives, the development of the case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Union and other factors. In our approach to targeted law approximation support, we propose to give particular attention to the delivery of the most up to date legal expertise.

Component 2 – Capacity Development Actions


In this respect, the challenge will be to ensure that the various institutions involved in the integration process, and the MEI in particular, will have the capacity in the future to continue to work unassisted in the areas where assistance will be provided by the SMEI 3 project. While knowledge of EU law is important, and is not yet sufficient in Albania, proper organizational foundations are necessary first. Achieving them will require a shift of existing administrative culture, which might be difficult to achieve by will and leadership alone. External incentives will be required, and a well conditioned process following candidacy status for Albania is the most realistic hope for such a shift to occur. On the other hand, without such a shift it will be impossible for the Government of Albania to reconcile its current policy of maintaining its public administration small with EU accession ambitions.

Training target groups and training premises

In close cooperation with the main beneficiary (MEI) and other key institutions (such as TIPA and the Department of Public Administration) systematic trainings will be carried out in various European integration related methodologies, and (subsequently) screening and negotiations with the EU.

Component 3 – EU Communication Strategy

The last but not least of the project’s components is EU Communication Strategy, which aims to assess and fine tune the Action plan of the Ministry of European Integration, to enhance the awareness on the EU integration process, develop a study aimed at fostering permanent and sustainable links between the administration, civil society, education institutions, and the research community, and prepare educational materials for different education levels and different types of education institutions, and assist MEI in carrying out selected public information measures defined by Action plan of the Ministry of European Integration to enhance the awareness on the EU integration process and its annual plans of activities for 2012 and 2013.

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